May 9, 2022

Why So Much Anger?

Why So Much Anger?

Why is there so much anger in the Black Community toward law enforcement? What is the root cause of this anger? Is it justified?

Key Points:

  • Most Americans have high confidence in police, except for black Americans. With a 1.5 percentage point margin of error, 56 percent of black Americans said they had a great deal or fair amount of confidence in police, compared to the 78 percent of white Americans who said the same.

  • Monmouth’s study found the majority of black Americans — 87 percent — believe that police are more likely to use excessive force against black people, a sentiment white Americans agreed with, though not by an overwhelming margin; 49 percent of white Americans said police were more likely to use excessive force against black people, while 39 percent felt the use of force wasn’t tied to race.


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