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Home Run

You hit the ball out of the park with the spending podcast. I agree with all your points and appreciate that you provided some solutions. Oh how I wish I knew to follow these principles when I was younger and was making good money. Hopefully some young people will listen and take heed. I will send this to my grandson. Thank you Erskin.

Self Sabotage - The trap is real

There is so much truth in this messaging. The tools needed to advance the culture exist but not readily known. I disagree with the idea that self sabotage is representative of black culture in it’s entirety but rather it is the result of attack on black culture. However, attacks can be warded off by those properly armed and trained. I’m looking forward to this journey.

Knowledge is Power!

Good to hear the truth and be able to learn from it.

Thought provoking

Spirited and thought provoking. Definitely a conversation starter. I look forward to the evolution of this podcast and where it can go in the future