June 5, 2022

What about Black Lives Matter?

What about Black Lives Matter?

Does this group truly represent the interest of Black Americans?
Key Points:

  • BLM gained national attention after the August 9, 2014 police killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown and the subsequent protests and unrest in Ferguson, Missouri..

  • BLM GNF had given $21.7 million to 30 organizations, 23 of which are “led by Black LGBTQIA folks and/or directly serve these communities.

  • Is the BLM movement focusing on the issues that matter the most to Black Americans?

Democratic leaders clash with Black Lives Matter activists over 'defund the police'


Black Americans Earn 30% Less Than White Americans, While Black Households Have Just One-Eighth Wealth Of White Households

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About - Black Lives Matter

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